Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A New Year of Rejuvenation 2015

If you have just stepped into this blog, congratulations. You will now join the community of men seriously interested in their health, including reproductive health.

I realise I've not been conscientious with the blog updates and clients' reviews. So, hopefully 2015 will be a more actively-engaged year where you, as a newcomer to this traditional technique, will be convinced of my specialisation.

Clients' Reviews in 2015

Peter [January 15, 2015. 2:00pm]:
I had my first massage with Jay yesterday. Excellent touch made me feel like a new man. And the climax was one of the best I have ever had. I recommend him to anyone wanting a massage.

Gavin, from Cheadle [January 07, 2015. 3:10pm]:
The highly personable and beautifully formed Jay succeeded in thoroughly massaging every muscle in my body without any pain or discomfort. Time stood still for 90 minutes while he worked his magic hands on me; a combination of invigoration, relaxation and to finish off pure ecstasy. I have been floating on air a full 24 hours since the treatment. Highly recommended.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Reviews from the UK

It has been hard manipulating the pages on this blog, hence such a long absence. Anyway, I shall add clients' reviews on this post as I go along. Hope this offers a more varied response to an international market.


HW (who is also a massage therapist):
We spent some time discussing the differences between the European and Traditional Malaysian approaches to bodywork. The traditional Malaysian massage that I received was wonderful, awesome, energising, calming, and very very relaxing! It was unlike any other massage I have ever received before and so marvellously different from the same-old, same-old, Swedish/Sports/Remedial massages that are common currency in the South of England, that I feel almost incompetent to comment. All I can say is that I want to learn how to perform this style of massage; and I certainly want to meet again with Jay before too long. A wonderfully deserved FIVE STARS.

Jay is not difficult to connect with on a personal level: friendly, generous and hospitable.
A truly deep and yet soothing massage, blessed with his powerful thumbs which dug in where necessary. I am not too keen on the painful type deep tissue massage,but this gentleman knows how to use his hands with the minimum of discomfort and come up with the desired outcome. After working on each muscle group, I felt a warm release of tension and the loosening of tightness in those areas.
He is confident in his moves and strokes and I felt secure knowing that I was being treated by a professional. Thank you for the experience!

Oh wow! That's all, just oh wow!
Yes, Jay is a really friendly guy; yes, he has an amazing physique with defined musculature to work on. But to be honest, it's all about his massage: wow!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Frozen Website, and Recovered Clients' Feedback

It has come to my realisation that the website I had upgraded/migrated to (after has been frozen, probably due to a report of "abuse" on inappropriate material. I had written about the mechanics of the male genitalia, and what massage does to rejuvenate the functions of the organ.

Instead of wasting my time and efforts in writing to (, I have decided to return to blogger. At least some of my previous clients' feedback is still very much intact.

I have also managed to save some of the other clients' feedback from the other forced-to-close website.

Here they are:

Jay is genuinely personable, very attractive, and definitely skilled. His massage was extraordinary -- often deep, sometimes soothing, and always a unique combination of relaxation and rejuvenation. I feel truly refreshed. I've been treated to talented hands on my entire body. I've been treated with genuine respect. I've been treated to a visual delight. I've even been treated to ginger tea! Visit Jay. You'll have a memorable experience.


jay's massage is one of, if not the, best i have ever had. he starts on the legs and finishes up at the neck while you are on your back, then turns you over for legs up to neck treatment again, stopping along the way for the malaysian genital massage which is sensational. not a rub and tug, but a fill-blown massage of the testicles and penis, with your legs spread apart as wide as they will go. then a head and face massage to finish off, and finally a cup of tea. he works nude, using his well muscled if small body to move you around during the session. a lovely man, a massage you won't forget in a hurry, and reasonably priced as well. i went to his small but neat apartment near the metro north station in east harlem, although he more often does outcalls. jay is a theater student, from singapore, a really sweet guy in his early thirties. a rare treat.


Thanks so much for working on me today. I am experiencing a greater range of motion and am more limber than I have been for a couple of years. Thanks so much. You can bet I'll be back for more.

Jay's methodology is so much more effective than any other therapist I've experienced since coming to New York City several years ago. I'll be visiting with him for as long as he's here.


Jay is a gentleman and a gentle man who gives a wonderfully deep and sensual massage. The contrast between deep (sometimes very deep) muscular work and erotic is the perfect combination. This is not a rub and a tug, but a therapeutic massage that includes some fantastic erotic elements. Jay offers everything one could ask for in a massage.


Just wanted to thank you for yesterday. Felt great yesterday and more so this morning. When getting a massage, either therapeutic,sensual or erotic this was by far the best and in a way combined all. I look forward to putting your services on my monthly "maintenance" schedule. You are a credit to your art and a fine person as well.
Thanks again.....


yesterday was my first massage with jay, the most thorough i've ever had - from ankles to eyebrows - and certainly the best. he is serious, professional, while at the same time caring and sensitive - a lovely person. and the manhood stimulation was spectacular, producing an enormous orgasm that just wouldn't stop. i hope to be a return customer.


alan day:

Hi. I read the information you've given, and the reviews which are excellent...You note you will be in Fort Lauderdale soon and I was wondering where you will be, if you will be working in your hotel (?) etc, and how I can contact you. What will your charges be here, what is your schedule, etc.
Thank you




Jay! I know you are leaving soon, and I wish you the best for your upcoming move and return to more familiar territory. I want to thank you for what you have done for me over the first have of this year. I truly appreciate your skill. I always felt better, freer in my body after one of your massages. Your work is so much more effective than anyone else I have received a masssge from here in New York. I am hoping that you know of someone that you can refer me to. I'd like to have options if at all possible. If you don't feel comfortable giving me their information, I would be happy to have your provide them with my information. This is all, of course, dependent upon your time and availability. I can imagine you have many such requests and recognize you may not be able to respond to them in the time you have left here. Once again, thank you for all you have done for me.


Hi Jay, Thank you for your wonderful massage today. Despite being massaged twice a month, it was an altogether new experience for me. My sense of you is that you have an innate understanding for human touch, easily recognizing the parts of my tired body most under assault and stress. I was very appreciative of the respect and friendliness with which you approached me and the whole massage experience. It was so nice to be talked through the experience and your feedback to me was invaluable. I can say quite honestly, that some will struggle with the authenticity of an experience with you, especially those guys that ordinarily experience an emotionless rub and tug. In the most strained parts of my body, the strong touch was challenging and sometimes even a little painful. Fortunately, I know from previous experience that pain is sometimes the gateway in massage to the next day of jumping up and down (like a horny dog) with boundless energy. I'm sure that I'll have a spring in my step tomorrow. Anyone you massage can expect to have a great feeling afterwards. I have no hesitation to recommend you with pleasure to any man that is serious about massage. Anyone that wishes to open up channels of energy inside their body will enormously appreciate your touch and the professionalism of your approach. Finally, you are a lovely and warm person and I look forward to seeing you next time, when we are both next in the same place. Did I mention that you are sexy too :-) THANK YOU JAY. In respect for your talent, Johnny


Jay is the Michelangelo of Massage and I look forward to the day when he will mold me into another creation of his making.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Back to Basics: Indonesian/Malay Massage Feedback

After all that's been said, what remains lies in what's been done.

I haven't had my clients give feedback in blogs -- even if anonymity is maintained -- because that, I assume, is too much of a burden to them. But the more I buy things online, the more I see customer feedback or product reviews done by consumers themselves, which actually give ratings of 5 stars for excellent service.

Here I try my luck.
And patiently I wait for customer reviews of the entire massage experience.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Leeches And All That Suck!

Many of the manhood therapy oils sold today are variations of medicinal leeches called Hirudo Medicinalis. Historically and scientifically, leech therapy has been used as an anti-coagulant to prevent blood from clotting, and to effectively promote bloodflow to the vascular systems.

It has been found that these blood-sucking worms are anti-inflammatory, anaesthetic, anti-phlogistic and anti-infectious. Ironically, when one gets bitten by any thing, one would immediately attend to the open wound and apply direct pressure to promote blood clotting. But in the case of these medicinal leeches, blood flow can continue for hours. And rightfully so, especially because oxygenated blood enters the wound site until veins re-grow and regain proper circulation. That is why some doctors have used leeches during surgeries. Success stories abound, and some include the reattachments of various body parts (including fingers, toes, ear and even scalp), breast reconstruction, and vein regrowth. In summary, this organism is responsible for bloodletting, that is to remove 'bad' blood.

There are some interesting medical sites detailing the benefits of the Hirudo Medicinalis that are of worthy mention:

In the traditional Malay communities, the manipulative use of leeches (called 'tapa' in Malay) is as common as using a Band Aid in the western world. The only difference is that the latter promotes blood clotting, while the former prevents it.

For myself, this has indeed been a fascinating journey as I ventured to know what I was doing as a spa therapist. The information is extensive on the internet, but as a therapist specialising in massage and manhood treatment, my job then was to be knowledgeable not just by facts, but by practical experience in helping men cope with some of their very pressing issues. Even for a healthy male, general maintenance of the male sexual organ is very basic and necessary. In the previous blog entry, one client who is very healthy recounted the tremendous gain in his sexual energy after only ONE 45-minute manhood treatment.

In the next blog, allow me to make a comparison of the leech oils available, and let me show you HOW to use the oils for effective personal gains.

Manhood Therapy & Male Potency Treatment

I am often asked what the manhood therapy is about. This also accounts for the setup of a blog dedicated to the topic I specialise in.

From my previous post, I did mention that in the Malay tradition, one's sexual health is tantamount to one's overall wellbeing, especially more so when Malay families culturally take pride in having a large family. The massage to the male genitalia has always been an ancient heritage, just like the female post-natal slimming wraps which are now common menu items in any spa industry.

Yet the male organ that gives us and our partners pleasure has been conveniently relegated to a taboo topic - a man can broadcast about his sexual conquests, but no man will ever talk to another man about his penis. A proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz will give no hoots in proclaiming his prowess on the road. A soldier would not wait a second to boast of his warfare technology and weapon in arm to win his battle. A woman would not be embarrassed to share about making an appointment to the gynecologist or for a facial. But a mighty man will suddenly retreat into a quiet corner when it comes to erectile dysfunctions or premature ejaculations, or the humiliation of having a tool too small. For a man, his ego is very much tied to his phallus - the very symbol of strength and virility. Of power and control.

The traditional Malay manhood therapy ("tenaga urut batin") is suitable for men who are having problems in a fulfilling sexual relationship, for those wanting to increase sexual pleasure, for those who want to increase the size of the male organ, and especially for ALL men who need a general maintenance of one's sexual organs on a regular basis. We often take good care of our cars, the engine and body parts by sending it for servicing and maintenance for a smoother performance. Similarly, if the male genitalia does not get enough fresh blood circulation, one is only running on low power. To peak at sexual performance, I'd recommend going for a genuine manhood therapy ("tenaga urut batin") at least once a month.

There are masseurs who offer 'manhood therapy', but theirs is
merely a gimmick. Many of their services turn out to be a sleazy and
unprofessional handjob. These are the very same people who have tarnished the very name of manhood therapy, and is now, sadly, associated with 'extra services'.

With the "tenaga urut batin" and the special massage oils for the genitalia, we are able to recover elasticity of the urinary and seminal tract, and simultaneously recover 6,666 veins around the penis. If done regularly enough (on a daily basis), one can see visible differences in the length, girth, firmness, and smoothness of one's seminal ejaculation.

With permission, I have added this question a client asks me AFTER having gone through a session of the manhood therapy via email. He had gone back to his country and realised his sexual engagement with his girlfriend was better:

I have to tell you that the manhood massage had an effect
on my sexual life...

He recounted:

I remember during the ejaculation that I was shivering and
shaking and the energy that was moveing me was coming from my
pelvis and penis. It was a great feeling. I want to feel like this everytime
I have sex...
I know that the massage intensified the level of the orgasim, which I want to increase it more and more, but does that mean I have to get a manhood massage everytime I want to have sex???

The answer I provided was lengthy, but to cut to the chase, simple exercises can be adopted for self-massage to improve one's sexual health.

(By the way, should any woman like to find out about the female equivalent of sexual cleansing and rejuvenation, drop me a comment and I'll respond if there is enough interest - Remember, optimal sexual health for both genders among the Malays and Indonesians is a necessity and a foregone cultural assumption that we, each, have to maintain our own reproductive organs).

In another blog posting, I shall evaluate the medicinal herbs and ointments that are traditionally used by Malay communities to boost up the male sexual energy. I have tasted them. I have tried them. So I know.

A Bit of Malay Culture. A Bit of What I Do.

It was oversight on my part to assume that everyone indulges in a spa experience now and then, so when a visitor, Catch, posts on my previous blog: "What exactly does a spa therapist do?", I realise it's a necessary step for me to talk about my work. In some detail, at least.

Well, one might have seen pictures of exotic getaways with a masseur giving a sensual back rub in the middle of a tropical rainforest, or a balcony overlooking swaying palm trees with the accompaniment of ocean waves. One might have witnessed photographs in travel brochures or clips on TV programmes of papaya milk being poured on one's skin, or a tired body soaking in a hot tub with rose petals.

I, for one, have been pampered under such luxurious resort settings in Indonesia and Malaysia. These are, undoubtedly, Asian delights.

Different massages vary with different cultures - traditional Chinese massage ("Tie Da", "Tui Na") is typically used to treat sprains, fractures and muscle aches (almost akin to the modern chiropractor) and the common practice of poking needles into the meridians to promote efficient blood flow ; ancient Thai massage ("Nuad Phaen Boran") is characterised by yogic stretches to align the energies of the body; Zen Shiatsu uses finger pressure to unify the spiritual and physiological aspects of the body (akin to the Chinese acupressure).

Similarly, the traditional Malay or Javanese massage ("Urut" or "Pijat") uses firm hand pressure to promote an overall wellbeing to a tired and sickened body, with the prescription of herbs and roots ("jamu") as medicines.

What I've learnt as a massuer of the Malay massage is not only the technique, but also the very tradition and culture that separates this massage from other massages. When I was in Langkawi last year, I was told again by an elderly masseur that the "pijat" is a dying tradition as it has not been passed down to the younger generations. Perhaps the Westernised world has taken over in terms of commercial interests with Swedish massages, and other modern bodywork treatments.

In practice, "urut" or "pijat" is gender-based. Only a male masseur can touch and massage another man to protect the dignity of the persons involved and integrity to the tradition.

Only a female masseur can touch and massage another woman. The latter is a more popular option because of its famous post-natal massage to aid in slimming. This also accounts for the beautiful, slender figures of many married women in their tight, translucent clothing ("kebaya").

Think of the flight stewardesses aka Singapore Girls and you will understand why this piece of clothing is innocently sexy and deliciously flattering. No wonder Singapore Airlines is a 'great way to fly'.

Okay. Enough promotions - I ain't getting any commissions. Haha.

There are so many more things I can mention about the Malay culture, but I guess I will bring it up in other blog entries. Back to the question - What exactly do I do as a spa therapist?

I will talk about my typical outcall service because an outcall is different; I go to the client's place and set up my spa there. Yes, right at the comfort of his home.

Depending on the package required, I might do a lulur paste to exfoliate dead skin cells over the entire body. It is not as rough as sand, but it does feel a tad grainy once in a while during the exfoliation process. This is then followed by a shower or bath ("mandi").

After feeling refreshed from the hot shower, the "urut" or "pijat" begins.

I would say that I help to alleviate physical tensions and pains.
I smoothen out the stresses of a weary body.
I promote a more efficient circulation and bloodflow to all the bodily organs.

I think I should talk about the traditional manhood therapy or male potency treatment ("urut batin") in another blog. This is one of the biggest differences to all the different massages in the market because sexual health and maintenance is a very necessary part of the Malay culture. If you don't believe me, take a look at the number of offspring in a typical Malay household. It is perhaps only with the rising living costs in Singapore that more families are less productive in the department of reproduction - which is such a shame.

By the way, I am proud to say that I provide excellent services true to the slogan of the company I had worked at - "Your Pleasure. Our Promise" because the spa is indeed a sanctuary of life, offering a sensual yet spiritual connection to mind, body and soul. I believed in it, and I still do - simply because I helped my then boss to carve a slogan and the company philosophies.

Starting A Blog

I have been a spa therapist and trainer with a renowned spa specialising in traditional Malay massages in Singapore for the past four years. With the change in management and the supposed revamp of the company philosophy, I found myself in conflict with many of the new practices that were in obvious disagreement with true Malay heritage.

Deciding to move on, I now work as a freelance trainer and massage therapist. But because Malay massages are often not as well marketed as other forms of spa treatments, I find myself shouldering the responsibility to educate and inform, to inspire and empower, to re-energise and heal.

The birth of a blog is therefore necessary in this Information Age.

But what am I supposed to write? I can't be writing about my clients, can I? I don't think my clients would like me to describe them in detail, their medical conditions (if any)... Besides, client information is confidential. So what must I include in the blog????

I am completely in a fix. I still am, even as I pen this down.
I don't even know if anyone will ever read my blog.

In any case, this is it! My first instalment. Just simple thoughts highlighting my fears, anxieties, and even skepticism. Thinking back over the years I've worked with that spa (name is withheld for obvious reason), there are indeed many nice memories that I could recount.

So before I move on in actual time, I shall take the next few instalments to reminisce - if you allow me to. For now, should anyone - and yes, I mean anyone - be even remotely interested in the life of a spa therapist recounting his experiences, or have questions about anything, please let me know. Feedback. Email. Blog. Anything. Let the conversations begin. Soon.